scream 4 ur life

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


three cute gulz up there is my little frenz , yup! both of them alwys cheer .hahax^^ then im also giv their a nickname like sunio , sizuka , n doraemon coz y??hahax^^ coz those name is meaningfull in my life..
from left her name is aween a.k.a sunio , middle is qyela a.k.a sizuka quite cute also hahax^^..n the last one is dyba a.k.a doraemon yeah doraemon kuat mamam dorayaki..hahaha jokz only..hb me??haha the cute n blurr one nobita..still cute  n hndsome lorgh..jokz  only largh..lastly wht i wanna say is all of them i already consider like my family tree..hahaha luv u gulz!

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