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Saturday, August 28, 2010

My only cute siS

hey..hey..wanna know bout her???hahaha^^...Diz little cute is my young sister...quite little child & matured..
haha matured??y?? coz sometime when i bother her when do some homework, she will say "Along , jangan kacau bella laa..bella nak blaja niyh..along g r buat keje along.."
haha quite surprise she said that 2 me....her name is Nurul Salsabila Bt Kamaruzzaman..already 7 years old..sko0l at genting highland n stay wiith my father mr k at genting inti college..every week she n my father will back at our another home sweet home at pink..ergh same as me..haha but coz i choose pink not mean im like a gulz..haha no largh...juz like pink coz diz colour lo0ks like bright my day..she also like sing n song...n very cloSe with my father a.k.a mr k...luv her so much haha luv u bella ..
thtz all 4 my young sis..(^_^)!

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